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About Linda Cools

Early years

Linda was born in Chicago, but moved with her family to New Jersey for a short time before returning to Chicago Illinois.  Settling in the northwest side and growing up in the Edison Park neighborhood was an idyllic place to live.  Dotted with charming victorian houses and Chicago style bungalows mixed with family friendly stores and restaurants within walking distance was the epitome of community.  Anyone remember Van's?

Education and Work History

Linda attended Maine South High School and also the University of Illinois in Chicago. Her employment history includes office management in medical services and also conducting corporate stress management seminars. Linda possesses exceptional communicative qualities and organizational skills. At one point, Linda chose to put her career on hold to care for her ill mother and later her Aunt.  Both are deceased sadly and now Linda has decided to pursue her passion for politics and her desire to serve the community.

The Present

Linda moved to Barrington Hills in 2001 and has been active as a volunteer resident advocate in local politics. Linda is the first resident to video Board of Trustee and Committee meetings making them available on the Facebook page - Barrington Hills Bulletin Board.  

If elected Linda Cools will be the trustee who will take Barrington Hills into the next decade with integrity and principle.   

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The Platform

Serving The Community


- I will work to reduce property taxes 

- I will continue to work towards boosting our property values which have not kept pace with neighboring communities

- I will preserve the equestrian legacy of Barrington Hills and vow to protect open spaces and 5 acre zoning

- if elected, I will demand enhanced transparency and

accountability; especially with regards to FOIA requests and the financial

burden these requests impose on resident taxpayers.

- I am the first resident to regularly live stream BOT meetings and

first ever to record a Finance meeting. These recordings can be

viewed on the Facebook page called Barrington Hills Bulletin

Board. If elected I will push for live streaming of all village

meetings on our very own (village of BH) Youtube channel.

- I have served as a resident CAG member (community advisory

panel) and was selected by IDOT to work for solutions when

widening IL Route 62/Algonquin Road.

- I am a vocal opponent of the fleecing of tax dollars and the

waste relative to Longmeadow Parkway and it’s deleterious

impacts to our open space along with congestion issues.

- I have represented residents for over a decade as a village

resident advocate and citizen legislator highlighting issues and


- I believe in individual rights and will strive to protect these rights

for all residents.

- I support an ethics resolution that will hold all elected officials and village employees accountable

- I will strive to remove all traces of nepotism within our village

government. Excellence is the gold standard, not who you are

related to or friends with..

United By A Common Goal


As a candidate for trustee Linda knows the value of being connected. That's why Linda Cools is running for this position. 

I survived political obstacles to remain on the ballot in April and will continue to push for transparency and fairness in government.

Get Involved


Your candidate can't win this race without your help. Flyering, word-of-mouth, and donating are all ways of helping us achieve our goals together.  If you would like a yard sign or wish to volunteer to my campaign please contact me by email at

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